Upgrades to Brighten Your Bath

Upgrades to Brighten Your Bath

On this page you’ll find some of our favorite ways to add fresh lighting to a bathroom.

Brighten Things Up a Bit

If your bathroom is too dark, there are several options.

If you have a 3-light fixture, would changing to a 5- or 7-light fixture give the light you need?
Select a higher watt bulb if the fixture can accommodate it.
Add additional light fixtures or recessed lighting.

Upgrades to Brighten Your Bath

Change Light Fixtures

If there’s just no solution with the fixture you have, replace it with one that allows for more light. This is a good opportunity to choose one that enhances your decorating theme and fits the style of your bathroom. You might get a fresh look and more light by simply replacing the glass globes from frosted to clear.

Add an Outlet When I remodeled my bathroom, I wanted the tile and walls to be clear of electrical outlets. So I had my electrician install the electrical outlets inside the wall cabinets. I keep my personal coffee maker and curling plugged in all the time. It’s a great convenience and keeps all the dangling cords and appliances out of sight.

Upgrades to Brighten Your Bath

Add a Lighted Switch

Install a lighted switch for greater convenience. When you wander into the bathroom at night, you’ll know just where the light switch is.

Install a Pair of Wall Sconces

If your bathroom doesn’t already have them, consider installing a pair of wall sconces on either side of the mirror. If there’s not enough wall space, the electrical holes can be drilled right through the mirror. The fixture should be installed so the light bulbs are just about eye level. Be sure there is electrical power near your installation point before you start drilling into the wall. You might need to consult a licensed electrician about this addition.

Upgrades to Brighten Your Bath

Set a Lamp on the Counter

If your bathroom vanity has enough countertop space and an electrical outlet handy, place a small table lamp there. Keep the lamp a safe distance from the water source. A decorative lamp adds a warm charm to the room and serves as a nice alternative to a night light.