Serenity Home: 8 Easy Peaceful Home Tips

Your home should be your peaceful get away. Creating serenity and peace in your home takes only a few easy steps.

1. All rooms are important:

Even those that are overlooked or unattended. Whether it’s a space you haven’t finished decorating or the family catchall, it often feels easier to close the door on these rooms and deal with them another day. Unfortunately, they weigh on your unconscious and zap your energy—they are essentially a task left undone. Create home harmony by making each space in your home inspired.

2. Conquer Clutter:

Clutter produces physical and unconscious chaos. It can give you the opposite feeling of serenity. Not only can it leave you scrambling to find the keys as you are racing out the door but it can weigh on you even when you are sitting at your desk 20 miles away. Put a plan in place. Whether it’s ready to burst from behind closet doors or it’s those piles of paper on the dining room table, it is time to tackle the tasks and tame the tension it creates.

3. Serenity Color:

Color impacts you on an emotional, psychological and physical level. Studies have shown that color can change body temperature and appetite. It can affect your mood or level of energy. Begin to become aware of how different colors impact you before determining what hue to paint your walls. Here is a YouTube video on colors t go with serenity and peace in your home.

4. Remove Bad Mojo:

The experiences you have had in your life hang from the walls or sit on the shelves of your home.  You probably have memories associated with your couch or the picture on the wall.  When the associations are negative these reminders can drain you. Be aware of the items in your home that are associated with undesirable feelings. By removing this “bad mojo” you will be one step closer to creating a serene space.

5. Positive Vibes:

Once you gain awareness of the memories that make up your home, notice those items that bring a smile to your face. Begin to add items from fun excursions that will remind you of good times and uplifting people.  These items will give you a boost and nurture and inspire you as you move through your home and life.

8 Easy Tips For Creating A Calm and Peaceful Home

6. Sanctuary Slogan:

Decide what qualities, characteristics and atmosphere you want to create and name it—this is your “Sanctuary Slogan”. We each have unique needs that our environment can support us in fulfilling; begin to determine how your environment can support you. Place this slogan in a spot that will serve as a daily reminder to help you stay focused on your ideal life and home.

7. Nurture Nature:

Innately as humans we are designed to appreciate the natural beauty all around us. This is especially true in nature. By incorporating natural elements into your space you feed the intrinsic yearnings deep within you that foster a sense of inner calm and peace. Bring in a wood turned bowl, fountain or acorns to encourage a space of serenity.

8. Plant Power:

Plants are important for many reasons when designing a restorative home. Not only is it an additional way to bring nature into your home, it also helps to clean and re-oxygenate the indoor air. Incorporating plants into your design will help to eliminate the noxious off-gasses from many products giving you a serene sigh of relief.

You can create a great relaxing space with colors, lighting, removing clutter and make your room feel positive to you. If you are looking for more home decor ideas check out this article:

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