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Bedroom looking a little bland?

Bedroom Update: From Bland To Beautiful

A bland bedroom can easily be update to be a beautiful, decorative room in no time. Check out these 5 easy bedroom decor tips. These 5 bedroom snazzy projects take less than 30 minute: 1. Wooden Tray : A wooden tray is a must-have for in-bed snackers. Load it up with snacks, coffee, and books, […]

Small Bathroom Decor Tips

Small rooms can be a challenge to decorate. These decorating techniques work in any small room, but especially in any small bathroom decor. They’ll help to provide the illusion of expanding your small space without adding a single square foot. Reflect the Space With Mirrors If your small bathroom decor will hold it, get a […]

Creating an Elegant Bathroom

The Bathroom Sink The elegant bathroom you’re designing will definitely need two sinks. You can place them next to each other on a long countertop set atop a beautiful cabinet. Or block out a place on each side of the room for a single sink. Each person will be able to use their sink without […]

Blue Paint for Adult Bathroom With Seaside Style

Blue Paint for Adult Bathroom With Seaside Style

How to Make Blue Paint Work in a Grownup’s Bathroom–For a Seaside Style Blue paint in a bathroom. How hard can it be? The distinction that these ideas are for a grownup’s bathroom is important because we have already covered the topic of blue paint in a kids’s bathroom. Two different things. Without approaching the […]

5 Mistakes You're Making When Hanging Curtains

5 Mistakes You’re Making When Hanging Curtains

What you need to know before you hang your window treatments. 1. Not Measuring Correctly : The first thing you should do is measure your windows and make adjustments depending on how you want to hang the window treatments. It will save you another trip to the store if your curtains and rods are the […]