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Mancave: 10 Things A Man Should Never Do

A mancave does not have to follow that stigma or sterotype of a macho man. You can steer clear of these sterotypes and still have an awesome mancave! Here are a few things you should think about not owning or doing in your manly home: 1. A sectional. “Almost anything can be used in a […]

Serenity Home: 8 Easy Peaceful Home Tips

Your home should be your peaceful get away. Creating serenity and peace in your home takes only a few easy steps. 1. All rooms are important: Even those that are overlooked or unattended. Whether it’s a space you haven’t finished decorating or the family catchall, it often feels easier to close the door on these […]

Splash of Color for Bathroom

Paint a Fresh, Clean Color Bathroom If you’re a resourceful and energetic homeowner, you might want to tackle repainting the bathroom in a weekend. The job itself really won’t take too much time, and the results will be worthwhile. Get ready for the job and be sure you plan ahead. Map out the project and […]

Wall Paint: 10 Tips about Color

Choosing wall paint can often times be a slow process. Be sure to take paint samples home with you and experiment a little bit with color before committing to a color. Follow these easy guidelines and you are sure to find a wall paint you love. 1. Ceiling Paint “I never paint a ceiling dead […]

Aparment Garage Decoration Ideas

. Apartment garage living is a great solution to many family changes. Whether you have a child home from college looking for their first job right out of school, or you have a live-in parent who requires some assistance, but can do many daily tasks unsupervised; a garage apartment may be the perfect fit for […]