New Traditional Furniture And Your Home

New Traditional furniture or Neo-Traditional furniture is a new look on an old concept. In other words, this style of furniture has a traditional feel to it. However, it is also made to have a more contemporary or ‘new’ feeling to the design. Typical traditional furniture is heavy, ornate furniture. New traditional can look heavy but  is a much lighter counterpart to the antique versions. Futhermore, new traditional furniture is made in new time periods while traditional furniture pieces are considered antiques. Are you interesting in learning about the other main differences and how this furniture style can enhance your home? Let’s start with traditional verse new traditional styles.

Traditonal Vs. New Traditional Furniture

The above two chairs in this picture are considered very traditional arm chairs. These chairs are not new traditional furniture.  Orginal traditional furniture are very ornate pieces that feel heavy, and have turned legs. Also, traditional furniture is often synonymous with dark wood stains like the arm chair on the right.

This armchair is considered new traditional furniture or neo-traditional. It does have the darker wood, however, look at the contemporary fabric pattern, the cleaner lines and mordern looking legs. The beauty of new traditional furniture is you can own a piece that has such beauty, is brand new and does not need to be refurbish. So if you have a love of traditional or love to mix and match traditional with contemporary than this type of furniture is for you.

Reasons Why People Love New Traditional

This style furniture typical makes a room look rich and elegant it’s a modern twist on a style that is centuries old. Peoplel oved the rolled arms, the furniture studs, the decorative legs and the unique contemporary colors. Not only that, this style can make the room feel uninviting and cold. Dress your neo-traditional style room up with lighter accents to make it more inviting. You can also down play the opulence by adding light colors or bold patterns to the room to make it feel a bit homey if you like.

Did you know that furniture styles are primarily best on personal preference? For those of you who own an old Victorian home you may love new traditional furniture styles that could give your home that antique but new look. If you have an upscale modern apartment in the city you may want to go more contemporary or modern and live the new traditional and traditional on the back burner. Or maybe you don’t fall into one category and you want you home to have a more eclectic style. It’s really up to you. New traditional furniture is just one way you can go.

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