Monochromatic Dining Room Tips

We hear ‘color is king’ all the time, but there’s a lot to be said for a monochromatic palette. A dining room is a wonderful space to go neutral. Monochromatic is the use of only one color or variants of one color in a room. Typically these colors are light and airy and go with a modern or minimalist approach. A monochromoatic dining room is quite neutral but as a big wow factor to it!

1. Choose Lighter Colors:

Tans With Gray Undertones, Yellows, Light Blues or Pinks. Tans with gray undertones go with almost any accent color you want to add: navy, aqua, red, yellow, lime green, coral. If the tan color has a slight gold hue it can end up looking a little old and dated — not fresh. You want a neutral that plays well with other colors! Keep in mind monochromatic means one color, so don’t mix any other colors into the pallette.

2. Establish a Neutral Foundation:

A dining table and chairs can often be expensive compared with furniture for other rooms, so you’ll likely have them for many years to come. Think of dishes, glassware, napkins, placemats, and accessories like vases and centerpieces as ways to bring in pops of color you’re loving at the moment. You don’t want to over do the accents though. Monochromatic gives a clean, crisp feel to it. So add accents sparingly this will enrich your monochromatic dining room.

3. Consider a Lighter Wood Finish for Your Table:

Dark woods often look dressier and more formal, while a lighter finish feels more relaxed and casual. Make the choices that are right for you and your family to create a room that you’ll really use. When working with a monochromatic pallette, you want the room to feel light and airy so don’t tie in to many dark pieces. This is especially so in a monochromatic kitchen, you want it to feel warm, inviting and clean.

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 4. Clean Lines And Shapes

Since a monochromatic dining room gives off a modern feel to it, you want distinct lines, geometric shapes and simplicity. Stay away from tile patterns, wall paper and boarders which will defeat the purpose of the smooth modern look.

5. Enduring A Monochromatic Dining Room

Yes, bright colors and patterns can give a room character. However, a monochormatic room does not have to be boring. Be sure to add unique furniture and accents, as well as, proper lighting to give your room charm and character. You can love a monochromatic room just as much as you can love a room filled with colors.

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