Mancave: 10 Things A Man Should Never Do

A mancave does not have to follow that stigma or sterotype of a macho man. You can steer clear of these sterotypes and still have an awesome mancave! Here are a few things you should think about not owning or doing in your manly home:

1. A sectional.

“Almost anything can be used in a man’s interior if some level of discernment is used,” says designer, Susan Ferrier. “That being said, there is no proper context for a kickback sectional with cup holders.  It is the laziest piece of upholstery on earth.” Your mancave can be just as manly with with a couch and a couple recliners. It may even look a bit more sophisticated.

2. Oversized mancave leather furniture.

“It’s like they are trying to scream ‘I am a man!’“ says designer, MA Allen. “There are too many other beautiful masculine fabrics to include in a scheme. Think plaids and houndstooth.” Leather and pleather are overused. You can create a rugged mancave with many other types of furniture. Think about gray and black fabric couches. What a bold statement they could make.

3. Fish tank.

“Having the typical fish tank from the pet store down the street just doesn’t cut it,” says designer, Ryan White. “Guys, if you want ‘the fish tank moment’ think James Bond 007.” Or better yet, get a dog. A boxer or a pitbull make a great addition to any mancave and offer great companionship.

4. Video games AND the beanbag chairs you play them in.

  We know, this one hurts, but hear us out. “There is no bigger sign of a slouch than a gaming station,” says Allen. However, if you MUST still have video games in the house, “Make sure you have appropriate seating,” says White. “Find two vintage club chairs rather then the old used beanbag.” If you want a mancave that says I am an adult, put the video games away and showcase some art instead.

5. Any beer or drinking paraphernalia.

“Your vices are not art,” says designer, Jon Call. If you are trying to find that right woman an apartment or mancave that says ‘hey I am a drinker’ is probably a big turn off. Instead find some masculine artwork or refurbish an old record player, very classy.

6. Heavy-looking bedroom furniture.

Especially bought as a set.  “[It] gives the impression that one does not know how to make decisions and lacks general style,” says Allen. “Anyone can buy a matching set, but interesting men are able to piece together different pieces to create a beautiful and eclectic overall look.” Be a little eclectic when buying furniture pieces for your home.

7. Pictures of parents in the bedroom.

“It’s just not sexy,” says designer Vance Burke. Leave all your family pictures out of your bedroom. And while we are at it, this isn’t high school, so take down the posters of half naked women. Instead incoporate pictures in your room that makes it feel like a mancave retreat.

8. Cheap bedding and mismatched sheets.

Really no one should have this in his or her home after a certain age. “[It] shows sophistication when you have nice bedding,” says designer, Nicole Fuller. And, “Having nice quality sheeting will leave a good impression,” adds Allen. Bedding is highly important, especially if you ae still dating. Find a manly pattern and go buy it. Women apperciate nice, neat and clean sheets. Besides, who wants to sleep in a ragged looking bed, anyway?

9. Dishes in the sink.

“If you have a problem staying clean, it’s time to hire someone,” explains Call. If it’s just you living in your ultimate mancave, there should be no problem keeping up with the place. Get rid of the clutter and mess. Start getting rid of things if the housework is too much for you. You will be happy you did.

10. Weeks old piles of laundry.

“And NO, your mother is not allowed to still be doing your laundry.” Laundry is just like cleaning up your place. For one person, you should have at least one load of laundry a week. And at least twice a month you should be washing all your bed linens. If you want a mancave people love to come to you need to keep it clean.

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