Laundry Room Makeover Ideas

Do you have a laundry room that is bland or dreary? Are you looking to dress it up and get more creative storage ideas? Your laundry room doesn’t have to be your least favorite room of the house. There are so many different ways to redecorate and even get more storage room.

You can turn a boring laundry room into a bright colorful room that is purposeful and inviting all at the same time. Think about adding shelves or cabinets for more storage ideas. Baskets are also very good idea to give this room a bit of character and storage. Also think about creative labeling ideas such as putting your laundry soap in a jar with a chalk board label, cute and organized.

Colors are also very essential in a laundry room. Think about using bright, crisp colors. Light blues, yellows and bright whites are great ways to make the room look cheery and clean. You can also mix and match colors. A black and white laundry room makes a big statement. Choose colors that suit the style of your home and make your laundry room a room you want to be in.

Do you have an area to fold clothes on? If not, think about adding a table or boxing in your machines. Your laundry room should be functional, as well as, decorative. If your decorating style does not allow for practical use of the room, then it defeats the whole purpose of the room. So think about how to make the room more useful. You can add hooks on the wall for ironing board, brooms, mops or other hanging objects. You can use colorful milkcrates for storage options. And you can add bins and shelves for better storage options.

Is your laundry room in an odd location? No worries. You can combine to rooms with ease. This laundry facility is also a small office and reading nook. The cabinets, hooks, and folding shelf make it practical and add to the decor. Some laundry rooms are in small locations, such as closets or mudrooms. You can easily decorate these small spaces with colors, accents and even wall art.

A small space can have a big feeliing to it. This laundry room uses wallpaper, cabinets, rugs, hoooks and shelves to come up with a great overall design. Also, keep in mind that if you are working with a small space a stackable washer and dryer may be ideal. By having a stackable washer and dryer you free up space for storage, ironing, folding and more.

Lastly, not all homes or apartments have laundry rooms and most of us hate going to the laundrymat. There are several ways to remedy this situation. Convert a closet to make room for a laundry room or add a washer and dryer in your kitchen. If you don’t have a lot of space in your home to work with. You can always purchase a portable washing machine and then line dry your clothes. Even if you live in an area where it gets below freezing, clothes can still be hung out on a line to dry. So, definitely take a few minutes to think about your other options.

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