Kitchen Floor Ideas You Will Love

The kitchen is one of the most high-traffic areas in a home. It’s important to have a good durable floor. However, it is equally as important to have a kitchen floor that is beautiful in design. A good kitchen floor is typically made from wood, tile, faux wood, or pergo. Generally speaking, it is a bad idea to have carpet in the kitchen since it is a high traffic area and is prone to spills and stains.

Large and simple tiles can make your kitchen look more spacious even if you only have a small kitchen. By keeping your kitchen floor simple you can showcase the beauty of the rest of your kitchen. Also, a minimalist approach gives your kitchen the clean, sterile feel to it.

It’s okay to add a wood kitchen floor to a home that has a lot of wood accents. Mix and matching wood in a room gives it an earthy feeling and is quite comforting. Most people believe you have to have the same wood colors throughout, but in reality a variety of wood tones can give an authentic atmosphere.

Tiles do not have to be plain white or black. Choosing a tile in a color, specific pattern or different sizes can add unique character to your kitchen floor. Go ahead and get bold in your kitchen. This country style home is quite beautiful with it’s yellow-gray tiles.

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Carpet is usually a big no in a kitchen but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer through cold floors. A rug can add charm and character to your kitchen floor while giving you a bit more comfort. This rug pairs quite nicely with this wood kitchen floor.

Some people are scared of going to dark with a kitchen floor. In this case, a dark kitchen floor makes a bold, modern statement. It’s definitely okay to experiment with colors all in shades when you are choosing a flooring. In small spaces, dark floors may make a room look smaller, however, with the right accents any type of flooring can work.

Simple wooden planks can create a warm country feeling. This floor gives a country kitchen a refreshing and almost modern look to it. Straight lines and geometric patterns add to a refreshingly clean design.

Patterns are also a great way to incorporate contrast and character into your kitchen floor. White and black is a classic tile look that you are sure to love. This style works well with modern designs, as well as, a diner themed kitchens.

One color scheme throughout a kitchen can be charming. White is a classic color for your kitchen. A white floor symbolizes cleanliness and sophistication.  This kitchen most of the tiles are just white, however several have lovely patterns to them which increases the charm and beauty of this kitchen floor.

Kitchen floor tiles can also match your tiles on the wall and backsplashes. This kitchen has a beautiful Tuscany feel to it. The way the tiles are laid out and how they are so similiar to the backsplashes just adds to the opulence of this kitchen. This kitchen is totally rustic meets modern and has a romantic style to it.

No matter what you choose for your kitchen floor, make sure it goes with the style and theme of your home. It should be practical and elegant. Choosing a floor shouldn’t be hard.

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