Foyer Room Decorating Tips

Your foyer or entryway is a key focal point in your home. It is the first place you see after a long day at work and often times it is the first impression a guest will make of your home. For this reason how you decorate this small space is very important. You want your foyer to be warm and inviting, yet practical in design and layout. You want it to also represent the styles throughout your home.





The interior decoration and design of your foyer does not have to be extravagant. It should feel cozy, friendly and comfortable. It also should complement the rest of your home decoration and individual style. Here are a few key points to think about when decorating such small spaces like your foyer:

  • Keep it simple
  • Use Colors In Your Foyer To Your Advantage
  • Make use of practical furniture
  • Utilize wall space effectively
  • Define the space with flooring and rugs

Keep It Simple

You want your foyer to be clear of clutter, as well as a useful space. This type of home decoration doesn’t need to be overzealous or flamboyant at all. Unless, you are going for a rich and opulent look. Often times it is much better to keep the concept and design quite simple. Crisp, clear lines with splashes of color usually makes a good impact. Also mixing woods, industrial metals and antique pieces can make a bold statement.

Use Colors In Your Foyer To Your Advantage

Color schemes are quite important in any interior decoration and design, whether you working on kitchen decoration, bathroom decoration or even your front foyer. A good decoration tip is to choose several colors that complement each other and one accent color. You can mix and match these colors while using them in the flooring, wall paint, accent pieces, floor coverings, pictures and furniture. An accent color should stand out from the rest of the colors you choose in order to draw your eye to that particular area. Keep in mind that the colors you choose should go with the style of your house and your home decor. These colors should also mingle well with the rest of your home. Don’t overstress when choosing colors. The best part about choosing colors when it comes to home decorating is that colors can be changed later if you dislike them or grow tired of them. Also, keep in mind dark colors may make the space look smaller, so don’t overuse dark colors in a small area.

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Make Use Of Practical Furniture

Furniture at the entrywy or foyer should be practical, as well as stylish. A chair or bench is a good place to take off your shoes. A basket could be used for umbrellas or reusable shopping bags. You could also add a credenza, side table, sofa table or an antique trunk for added storage or as accent pieces. A foyer should not be crowded with too much furniture however. Remember to keep it simple and useful so not to defeat the purpose of a well planned out foyer. That doesn’t not mean the interior decoration has to be boring. It just means choose each piece of furniture for this small space wisely. Go ahead and add as much style, color and patterns as you want to this space.

Utilize Wall Space Effectively

When decorating your foyer be sure to take advantage of your wall space. Adding pictures, coat hooks or shelves can add practicality and design to the space. Wall art will really liven up the space as well. Don’t be afraid to mix colors and patterns to come up with a beautiful eclectic look. Live plants and floor lamps will also spruce the area up. The best apart about ultilizing wall space is that there are are so many different options to choose from! So have fun with it.

Define The Space With Flooring And Rugs

A good floor can make your foyer stand out and seperate it from other rooms or it can flow nice into the rest of the house. How you choose to do your floors is entirely up to you. Hardwood or tiles are best near the front door for easy clean up during rainy or snowy days. You can also opt to put a pretty rug down to tie the whole area together. Decorating a small area does not have to be difficult. Just adding a new rug can liven up any room.


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