Elegant Finishing Touches to Your New Bath Design

Elegant Finishing Touches to Your New Bath Design

Add finishing touches to your luxurious bathroom with unusual fixtures and hardware.

Bath Faucets

You don’t have to feel stuck with basic shiny chrome faucets. Depending on the style of your bath and the rest of your house, you might want to select decorative faucets of solid gold, polished brass, pewter, brushed nickel, or burnished iron. View hundreds of bathroom sink faucets on HomePortfolio.com .

Elegant Finishing Touches to Your New Bath Design

Cabinet Knobs

If you’ve chosen a particular theme for your bath decor, carry the theme through with cabinet pulls. You can choose traditional knobs of glass, brass, pewter, or crystal. Or find some shaped like flowers, hearts, butterflies, or seashells.


Accessories selected especially for a bathroom can help to take away the cold, hard look often found in bathrooms. You might want to select plush rugs, elegant window coverings, artwork, comfortable furniture, or flowers to add warmth to your space. You’ll be amazing how much small touches like these can do to enhance the private space.

Elegant Finishing Touches to Your New Bath Design

Luscious, plush towels in colors to compliment the decor are thick and large. Display them on a corner shelf, rolled in a basket, or hanging from decorative hooks along the wall or on the back of the bathroom door.

In place of a simple towel bar, look for a double rack or a hotel-style rack with shelves. Consider a heated towel rack that will have your towels piping hot when you get out of the shower. Choose towel bars in materials to compliment the finish of the sink fixtures.

With the traditional mirror dressed up in elegant frame, you might want to move the medicine cabinet out of the way. Find a convenient closet or cabinet to hold necessities. Or hang a mirrored, framed door over the cabinet.

Elegant clear or etched frameless glass doors are replacng the traditional shower curtain. But some of the shower stalls or tub areas are draped with luxurious fabrics and trims.

Elegant Finishing Touches to Your New Bath Design

Elegant sponged paint or textured wallpaper provide a luxurious background for any art or prints you may decide to hang in the bathroom.

Display treasured collectibles on display shelves or on a dressing table. Not many people will be entering your private retreat, so the pieces will be safe there.

Even the sightest amount of creativity and imagination can help to change a usually bare, cold space into a luxurious personal retreat. Elegance and luxury are not hard to achieve with all the products available for today’s new bathrooms.