Eclectic Decor Tips For Your Home

Eclectic decor & design differs from modern and traditional design based on the concept that it transcends time periods. It mixes old design with new design. Mixing the items from these different eras can sometimes being spectacular new life to a room, while giving it an older dose of character that many modern rooms lack.

Eclectic is a style that incorporates a variety of colors, textures, patterns and furniture styles. It can sometimes come off as funky or shabby chic, mid century modern, or even country modern. The whole idea and focal point of it is to mix traditional furniture, modern furniture and fun decor pieces to give it this eclectic feel.

Choosing the right area in your home is a fun way to get started. Think about your space. Which room is right for this approach? The bedroom? The family room?

Because it is often one of the more spacious and spread out areas of the house, the living room is often a great place for this approach.

This whole eclectic approach can also be a massive money saver. You might just have the items on hand, or in storage that will make it go the way you are hoping for. Maybe a relative or friend has the piece you need and is willing to part with it. No need to buy something new or used.

Mixing Furniture

living room eclectic design

When mixing furniture for an eclectic design, there really is no rhyme or reason. It’s your space. What looks good to you?

The older couch may go fantastically with the more modern end tables. You want to bring together old furniture with new furniture in a seamless design.

Although it sounds like a way of sticking anything you have together, it is much more than that. When you combine the new in and the old in the right way, you will know it. You will feel it in the room.

Choose colors and designs that go together well. Also, don’t shy away from a furniture piece that can make a bold statement.

This bed above gives a rich feel to the room, however, the the bench and chair bring in warmth and make the room inviting. It is hard to pin down what exact era the items are from, or where they are from, but the whole space in the picture just works.

Mixing Colors And Patterns

eclectic family room

This style space & eclectic space is so much fun for home decor. It is hard to find an interior designer that doesn’t love it. Literally the sky is the limit when it comes to colors, patterns and even textures.

Mixing and matching to make a unique room is an interior decorator’s dream. Trying different things until it comes together is part of the fun.

Follow a palette scheme when decorating your home in an eclectic style. Earth tones are great, however don’t stray away from bright bold colors like yellows, oranges and even reds on the color palette. And definitely think about an accent wall, like the blue one shown above.

Try using different texture rugs, curtains and couches for a more dramatic effect, as well.

Do you need some tips on mixing patterns? Check out this YouTube Video.

Eclectic Finishes

Once you have determined your color scheme and furniture it’s now time to add a few accents to spruce up the entire area. This is the most fun part, where the little items that speak to your personality can shine and bring the room together. Find those knick knacks and smaller decor items, and lets really start creating and eclectic design style.

Use fun throw pillows. They exist in every shape color and size imaginable. And if you can find the right ones, unique artwork and interesting lighting pieces will tie the room together.

Eclectic decor allows you to put in your own personal touches without changing the entire design of the room. Which is what it is all about. It is your home, your space, bring it all together in a way that makes you feel great every time you are in the space.

Not everything you need can be found in the mega-chain stores and the online super shops. Hit up resale shops and garage sales to find those unique decorating touches that will make a bold statement in your room. Sometimes the neighborhood garage sale is hiding your decorating gold. Head out, support the neighbors with a few bucks, and bring the design of your room full circle.

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