Great Idea For Small Kitchen Decorating

Decorating a smaller or cramped kitchen can leave you with a lot of questions. Things like “What will be the next big design trend in kitchen decor?”, or just “What are some good ideas for decorating a kitchen?” Somehow that small room that looks like an easy project, leaves you scratching your head about the best way to decorate it

Smaller kitchens have a unique personality of their own. Size and storage options may prove to be hard to cope with, however, a little kitchen can become the center focal point of your home with the right decor.

Where you live will give you your first set of options. What is allowed by landlords if you rent, or what your budget is if you own your home. Just be patient and think through the design and decorating. The kitchen isn’t going anywhere or running off, so take your time

Live in an apartment? As yourself “What are some cute kitchen decorating ideas for apartments?”. Trust yourself with what you come up with and start from there.

Live in your own home? You should ask yourself “What are the best ideas for small modular kitchen designs?”. Again, trust your judgement with the answers that pop into your head.

Does your home have a separate dining area? If the rooms are connected, it may be a good idea to consider decorating both areas at once. Bringing them together under one design umbrella may make the whole area feel like one open and spacious room.

Decorating a smaller kitchen can present many challenges, especially when it comes to storage and space available. A kitchen should flow nicely and it should be easy to find things. These decorating tips will help you to manage and enhance your kitchen decor.

small white kitchen

Accents And Furnishings

Small kitchen decorating ideas can be tricky, but a cozy sized kitchen does not necessarily mean small decor, small accents or small furnishings. In fact, these comfy gray bar stools give a nice contemporary feel to this kitchen and there is nothing small about them. You can use big objects to decorate your kitchen.

A good tip for decorating with larger objects is not to go overboard. A crowded kitchen will look even smaller. Try to keep the size of things relative. Smaller space might look a lot better with smaller items.


Another great tip for decorating such a small space is utilize your light sources. Use sheer curtains or no curtains at all to let the light flow into your kitchen.

If you do not have enough natural light, try adding some ceiling can lights, or maybe a range hood with a light. Most people forgot how light can really impact their home decor.


In a small room color plays a big role in making your kitchen look larger. The colors and patterns are crucial. It’s okay to go bold and red if you want. However, when using bold colors or dark colors it’s better to have them as accent pieces or an accent wall.

If you put too many dark or bold colors into your kitchen it could make the room look small. So use colors, but use them sparingly. Or better yet go for a monochromatic kitchen! The use of one light color throughout will make the room seem larger.

The right kitchen color is a crucial element in making your kitchen feel the way you want it to. Choose wisely, and your new kitchen will feel like a galley kitchen. Choose poorly, and it will feel like a tiny kitchen.

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Utilize The Kitchen Space

Use your counter tops, wall space or a single wall, shelves and cabinets wisely for storage and decoration. However, don’t clutter open shelves or your marble countertop. Clutter will make the room fill like it is cramped and small. Not the best look for a decorative area.

Instead spread out accent pieces, colorful hand towels, spices and other knick knacks to make the room flow nicely.

Make the space yours. Do what you love . You can do it! And interior designers around the world will love what you come up with!

Other Accent Pieces

Choose live plants, decorative wall hangings, cute ceramic pieces to use sparingly in the room. Your little kitchen does not have to be a small, plain and boring room. Find pieces that go with your kitchen’s decor and speak to you.

Be creative with your small kitchen design ideas

With limited space, try taking a look around for an area that can you help you save floor and counter space. If you have the wall space, look for something that does double duty, giving you a shelf to set things on, and also hangers for thing like your stainless steel pots and pans. A great way to save space.

Overall it is really how you lay out the kitchen, use your accents and utilize other features such as lighting that will make it a place you love to hang out in. A kitchen that is on the smaller side, can be just as practical and beautiful as a larger kitchen with the right love and home decor.

If you have a kitchen island, your options for kitchen storage are even better. If you don’t have a dining room, an island with some nice light fixtures above, or a pendant light, can transform the room into a modern kitchen, making the space feel like a wonderful eat in kitchen.

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