How To Choose A Dining Table

Choosing a dining room table has a lot to do with your personal style, your space available and your comfort level. First you really need to think about the space in your dining room or kitchen. Follow these easy concepts to help you find a great dining table.

Space Available

You don’t want your table to look and feel cramped in your home. Before you go shopping measure the space (length and width) that you have available for a dining table. Keep in mind that dining chairs should be spaced about 6 inches apart to give enough elbow room for your guests. Also, there should be at least 36 inches between a chair and an object or wall. This allows room to move the chair out and enough walk way space. Also, it’s a good idea to think about how many chairs you need such as 2, 4, 8 or 12. The larger the dining table and more chairs you need, the larger the space you will need.

Round Table Vs. Rectangle Table

Choosing between a round table and rectangle dining table is based on two things. One personal preference. Some people like a round table because you are in closer more intimate position. While others like their dining table to be rectangle which seems more formal. Both round and rectangle tables can come with options for a leaf to make your table larger. The other reason on why people choose a round table verse a rectangle table is space. If you are limited on space a smaller round table will fit better than a bulky rectangle table.

Style of Table

Depending on the style of your home and your personal preference, you will have to think about what style of dining table to choose from. Tables can be traditional, neo-traditional, country charm, modern, contemporary or even minimalist in design. Do you want a rugged industrial looking dining table or a sleek, table with clean lines? If you prefer wood that is very ornamental you may want to go with a traditional table. Maybe you want a table that is neat, clean, no-fuss and serves a purpose. With that being said than you may want to go with a table that is a bit more on the minimalist side. If your home is in country decor a dining table that expresses country charm may suit you better.

Materials of Table

Dining tables can be made out of all sorts of materials. You can find glass and metal tables or beautiful wood tables. You can find some tables that are made with compressed wood, while you may find others that are made with refurbished wood. The type of materials in a dining table really depend on your personal preference and what will go well with the other decor of our home. If you have young kids at home, you may want something that cleans up easily and is prone to breaking such like glass tops do. You really have to choose a dining table that meets your specific needs.

Purpose of The Dining Table

Before choosing your dining table, think about what the purpose of this table will be. Are you using it everyday? Is this for formal dining? How many people will use this table regularly? Do you prefer padded seats for comfort? Maybe, padded seats with kids is a bad idea because of stains. You really have to determine the purpose of the dining table you are wanting to purchase and make an inform decision based on that.

Final Thoughts

When you start choosing a dining table there are so many things to consider, such as: space, style, comfort level, the overall purpose and what type of materials you want it to be made from. If you do a little bit of research and make an informed decision it shouldn’t be hard to find the perfect dining table for your dining room. Here is a short Youtube video that may help you choose a dining room table.

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