Bedroom looking a little bland?

Bedroom Update: From Bland To Beautiful

A bland bedroom can easily be update to be a beautiful, decorative room in no time. Check out these 5 easy bedroom decor tips.

These 5 bedroom snazzy projects take less than 30 minute:

1. Wooden Tray : A wooden tray is a must-have for in-bed snackers. Load it up with snacks, coffee, and books, and it’s a handy way to bring your morning essentials into the bedroom with you. All you need is some wood, hardware, and stain, and you’ll be lazing around in bed in no time!

2. Gilded Sconce : Need a light? What about a brilliant gold sconce?  Add a layer of  some wall paint and it will set the whole room off! What a glamourous and easy touch to your bedroom decor.

3. Rustic Lamp : An upscale lamp that is recycled or meant to look rustic is a fabulous piece for any room. All you need to do-it-yourself is salvaged wood, a lamp kit and shade, and a long drill bit. It’s the perfect rustic addition to your modern bedroom.

4. Refurbishing Drawers and Changing Drawer Pulls : Is your dresser looking a little drab? Think about refurbishing it and changing up the bedroom drawer pulls. Even just changing the pulls will change the whole look of your dresser. The sky is the limit when redecorating your bedroom dresser!

For more tips on redecorating a dress check out this YouTube Video!

5. Toboggan Bench : Make a toboggan bench for the end of your bed. True, this project does require hunting down a gorgeous wooden toboggan—but if you can do that, it’s a simple woodworking project. In the end, you’ll have a perfectly-sized bench for the end of your bed, great for dressing up or down.

A few small changes can give you great decor in any room of your home. These handy tips can help you create a room that is your retreat! If you want to see more bedroom decor tips check out this article:

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