Bedroom Tips: 9 Ways To An Amazing Room

Is your bedroom looking a bit dull and boring? Are you longing to put a bit more personality into your bedroom decoration? Dressing up your bedroom does not have to be hard or expensive. In fact, decorating small spaces and home decoration doesn’t have to be complicated. Follow these easy decoration tips to help spruce up your room in no time.

1. Add Color

Don’t be afraid to use some bold colors in your bedroom. By adding a few bright color pillows, accents and blankets you can instantly change the look of your room. If your walls seem boring think about adding a new wall paint color. Paint is relevantly cheap and doesn’t take much work to do. In fact, adding a new coat of paint to any room of your house will significantly change the interior decoration in your home. Keep in mind though, you don’t want to go to dark in small spaces. Dark colors can make a small space look even smaller.

2. Incorporate Textures

Different textures really make a room feel alive and inviting. You can create a really beautiful bedroom by using different floor textures, bedding textures, rugs, linen textures and even by adding wooden planks to a ceiling if you wanted to draw your eye upward. Textures in interior decoration add depth and dimension to a room. It’s fairly cheap to add some new linens and rugs to a room, so it won’t take much to spruce up your room. This may be one of the easying decorating tips yet.

3. Update Your Old Headboard

Often times your bed is the focal point of your room. You can easily create a new headboard to be the focal point of a bedroom with a few do-it-yourself tips. Pinterest has many great ideas for DIY headboards, you can check them out here.  A headboard can be made with fabric, wood or a combination of both. I have seen people use barndoors, house doors, windows and even trellises as headboards, so get creative. Create a headboard that goes with your bedroom theme, style and colors that you will love. Something as simple as a new headboard will definitely change the atmosphere of your room. If you feel you are not very creative, it’s also okay to order a custom headboard. However, a custom heaboard may get a little pricey. Do some research and see how you can get the headboard design you want.

4. Dress Up Your Curtains

Curtains in a bedroom do not have to be boring. Window treatments can actual change the ambience and atmosphere of a room completely. They can soften up a room or even make it seem brighter and more cheery. It all depends on how you want your room to feel. You can also incoporate blinds with your curtains. The blinds will help to keep the sun out while the curtains add decoration to your bedroom. Keep in mind you can also make curtains yourself. There are many how-to videos on that can help you create curtains from sheets, fabrics, tablecloths and even shower curtains. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to dress up your bedroom.

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5. Add More Accent Pillows


Bright, fun accent pillows can make a bold statement to any bedroom. Often times just by changing out your accent pillows you can create a whole new bedroom look. You can find great accent pillows just about anywhere. A few great places to look are Target, Walmart, Sears and JC Penneys. If you are crafty you can get your own fabric and make accent pillows yourself. Either way, a great place to change up your room is by changing your pillows. Remember your bed is the focal point of your bedroom, so great pillows make great statements.

6. Change Your Bedroom Linens

The linens in your bedroom show your theme, style and personality. It’s also pretty easy to change your bedding. It’s a lot cheaper to change your linens then it is to change your bedroom furniture. So, for a quick and easy makeover invest in some new bed linens. Not only will it change the look in your room, but new bed sheets also make sleeping in your bed much more pleasurable.

7. Get More Plants/Flowers

Plants and real flowers give life to your room and are great accent pieces. Plants give any room a fresh and crisp look. Incorporate a few plants around the beroom to give it a serene look to it. Don’t have a green thumb? That’s okay! There are so many fake plants that look real. Choose a few fake plants to add to your bedroom if you are afraid you will kill real ones. It’s okay! No one will notice.

8. Change The Lighting

Lighting in any room can set the mood. In your bedroom, you want sufficient lighting to create an area of serenity in your home. You may also want bedside lamps for reading.  A ceiling light or chandlier can also create a stunning look in your bedroom. If you don’t want to spend too much on extra lamps or lighting options, candles or battery operated candles can be wonderful sources of ambient light in a room.

9. Use Patterns

Patterns are such a fun way to dress up a room. You can miss and match patterns with pillows, bed linens or curtains. Also, you can think about adding an accent wall with a pattern for a more dramatic effect. You can also think about adding a rug with a pattern or patterned tile to dress up the floor.

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