Splash of Color for Bathroom

Paint a Fresh, Clean Color Bathroom

If you’re a resourceful and energetic homeowner, you might want to tackle repainting the bathroom in a weekend. The job itself really won’t take too much time, and the results will be worthwhile.

Get ready for the job and be sure you plan ahead. Map out the project and buy the needed supplies during the week in advance. Wash down the walls and use a de-glosser solution to make the walls ready for the new paint. Choose a paint color depending on your preferred style. To minimize the cost, try to coordinate with the fabrics you already have. If you’re getting new fabrics, pick a color you love, taken from any fabric you’ll be using in the room. Consider whether your room should have light and bright, neutral and pastel, or deep and cozy colors.

Add Color and Pattern to the Walls

If your walls are in good shape, it’s not hard to stencil a simple border or design around the baseboard, mirror, ceiling, or window. This project will add a pattern to the room and help to either introduce a theme or enhance a theme that you’ve chosen. You could try a shell border, scroll, ivy, flower vines, or moldings. Choose colors for the stencils that will catch the eye.

Paper the Walls

Wallpapering is not a job for the faint of heart. But a small room like a bathroom is a good place to start. Choose paper that is made to withstand humid areas and pick the appropriate paste. You’ll need to shop for and order the paper well ahead of time. If the whole bathroom seems like too big a job, paper on one wall will really update and transform the space. Keep in mind that bathroom tends to be a damp area. In order for wallpaper to work well you need proper ventilation and ceiling fan. If it’s not ventilated properly there is an increase risk of the paper coming off or worse yet mold.

Add a Border Paper

Border wallpapers are sold by the yard and can be custom-ordered or purchased from the in-stock section of the home store. A border 6″ to 12″ below the ceiling, around a mirror bathroom above wall tile, or bordering a doorway adds interest. When choosing a border to go all the way around a mirror, be sure you select one that looks good upside down. And either hand-cut around a pattern or mitre the corners for a professional look. Border paper can give a bathroom a stunning appeal.

Add Fabric to Windows and Showers

Either a bold, colorful floral print or simple check or stripe can add color to windows or showers. You can purchase or make a shower curtain or window valance to put color around the room. Cording or coordinating accents in a bathroom add a decorative touch. For a powder room or extra bathroom that doesn’t get a hard workout, elegant silk accents on walls and light fixtures create an exotic, luxurious feeling at a small expense.

Coordinate Your Towels and Rug

Don’t want to paint or wallpaper your bathroom? No problem! Colorful towels and accents can create a beautiful look in your bathroom’s decor and is a cheap way to redecorate!. If your towels are acceptable, add trim to spruce them up with a decorator look. Simple ribbon banding above the border is a great touch. Be sure to wash the ribbon banding before sewing it on the towels, as it might shrink with the first wash. Or bring in extra color buy adding colorful hand towels or washcloths as accents. Don’t overlook adding a fresh, colorful new rug to your bathroom decor.

Get a Grip!

Almost any cabinet can be easily and inexpensively updated with new hardware. If your cabinets don’t have any, be sure to measure carefully before drilling the holes. Choose the hardware to enhance your decorating theme. Shells or fish shapes fit in at a lake cabin. Wrought iron or white ceramic looks great in a country setting. Shaped pulls formed as twigs and leaves are fun in the mountains. If you can’t find just the right one for your bath, check out the many online sites that offer fun motifs. Need a few ideas on bathroom color schemes? Check out this YouTube video for ideas!

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