Aparment Garage Decoration Ideas


Apartment garage living is a great solution to many family changes. Whether you have a child home from college looking for their first job right out of school, or you have a live-in parent who requires some assistance, but can do many daily tasks unsupervised; a garage apartment may be the perfect fit for your family’s needs. But, how do you make an apartment garage feel comfortable, cozy, and functional? The last thing you want it to feel like is, well… a garage.

Apartment garage living is different than living in a full-size home. The space is quite limited in an apartment garage and you may not have all the amenities of a house. First, square footage has to be maximized to its fullest. Apartment garages are small, so every inch of the floor plan has to be accounted for when selecting and placing furniture. An oversized sofa or large L-shaped sofa may be exactly what you want, but once you get them in a small space, suddenly they may appear monstrous in size. Carefully choose the furniture pieces so that they are multifunctional as well as comfortable and fit your apartment garage nicely.


Some great examples of versatile furniture pieces to include in your apartment garage are futon or sofabed that offers additional sleeping space as well as space for seating when entertaining. Or, use an ottoman to double as a stool for seating or propping your legs up after a long day, or even add a tray on top for an easy additional table that can be placed anywhere anytime. Stacking tables also offer added function. Stacking tables can be separated to provide extra table space options. Multi-functional furniture pieces will give you added function, as well.

Another universal challenge with garage apartments is their lack of storage space. Apartment garages don’t typically have large spacious closets. In fact, the closets are often tiny in size. So, get creative with adding storage throughout the floor plan.  Should you need hanging space, you may want to purchase adjustable rods. You can also install pullout rods that will give you easy access, as needed. Cabinets and shelving units may also be great for storage options.

Apartment Garage Furniture And Storage

If you have a hard time finding a spot to hide larger household items like seasonal decorations, family mementos and other items you don’t have to access often, then use the space under your bed and sofa for additional storage. You can also raise your bed by using cement blocks and then use a longer bed skirt to hide the blocks. The extra height will create just a bit more storage space than usual, all while creating an elegant feel to your bedroom or sleeping area.

Other stylish ways to add storage is by finding interesting shelves. Shelves offer additional storage options. Shelves provide a nice spot for collectibles or functional items and keep the floor space open. Whether it’s a shelf with towels and pretty soaps in the bathroom, or a shelf with books and photos above the bed, it’s functional, but also provides architectural interest. Browse local flea markets; yard or estate sales for unique one-of-a-kind shelves that create a stylish focal point, while also spotlighting other items.

Accessories to Open The Space Up

Many apartment garages have open floor plans with all living spaces combining. In some ways, this is a plus because additional walls separating everything would only make the interior feel even smaller. But, with all spaces combining, sometimes in order to make sense of the space and make it function properly, some separation visually needs to occur. Some may even include other amenities like bathrooms and small kitchens. It all depends on construction codes and space.

 A privacy screen that can opened up to provide more privacy from the bedroom. It also can create a distinction from the living space and the bedroom. Or, remove the screen to really open up the space to the fullest. This unique addition can change your apartment garage floor plan feel within a matter of minutes.

Another way to designate a space in an open apartment garage is to use rugs to visually separate the interior. Use a bold pattern rug. A bold pattern, such as a striped rug will act as a partition between the living space and the bedroom.

Mirrors are a great idea to easily open up an apartment garage. No matter what it is, mirrors will give the illusion your space is much larger than reality. Placing mirrors across from windows also offers a chance to increase the brightness of the interior during the daytime hours meaning less need for so much extra lighting, which we all know takes up precious table space. Lighting is crucial in an apartment garage you don’t want a damp dark space.

Final Thoughts

Whatever your needs may be, an apartment garage can be a great solution. It creates additional living space that is private, yet convenient to the main house. Try these decorating tips and use them to make a garage apartment that feels comfortable and functional.