Accessorize Your Bathroom

Accessorize Your Bathroom

With the addition of some useful accessories, you can bring real style, wonderful color, and convenience to your bathroom, all in one swoop! Here are some of our ideas for making simple changes to the bathroom by changing or adding accessories.

Give the Bathroom Mirror Style

There’s really nothing attractive about a huge piece of mirror glued to the bathroom wall over the sink! Add a wonderful decorator look by framing the mirror with decorative molding. Frame the whole mirror, or measure off a smaller area or two as focal points. Select molding to enhance your decorating style. White looks good for a cottage style home, chrome for a contemporary setting, pine for a country bath, or dark wood or gold or silver for an elegant bathroom.

Accessorize Your Bathroom

Get New, Decorative Towel Bars

Who said towel bars had to be “ho-hum”? If you can’t find something interesting, check out the site for and see over 100 different styles in iron, porcelain, brass, chrome, and crystal.

Add Decorative Accessories

Don’t go overboard, but you can find some nice options for bathroom accessories in discount stores. Change out your old tissue box, add pretty soaps, and find pictures, shelf units, and small cupboards. Silk and real flowers and plants are perfect to spruce up your bathroom.

Use Attractive Containers

There are some things that just have to be in a bathroom. But you don’t have to look at them all the time! Hide necessities in decorative. A beautiful crystal or colorful ceramic jar can hold cotton swabs or cotton balls. Use a pretty tray or rimmed basket to hold rolled-up washcloths. Find a decorative dispenser for liquid soap. Keep cosmetic pencils in an attractive mug and other cosmetics in a lidded basket.

Look All Over the House

Search the house for accessories to use in your bathroom. Roll up hand towels in a wine rack. Use a pretty mug for cosmetic brushes or cotton swabs. Stand a picture on the counter in a metal plate holder. Choose a pretty candy dish in place of a plastic soap dish. A crystal or metal tray can serve to keep perfume bottles together. Candle holders with colored candles and pretty vases with flowers or greens will make the bathroom feel more attractive.

Accessorize Your Bathroom

Add Shelves for Function and Design

If you need more storage space, a bathroom is the perfect place for a wall-hung shelving unit or small floor shelf. If your room is large enough, how about a small bookcase for towels or a tea cart in a corner? A decorative shelf over the toilet can be used for display and storage.

Add Artwork

Most bathrooms have at least one bare wall with no fixtures. What a great place to hang a single piece or collection of framed prints. You don’t need to invest a lot of money. Use postcards from travels, lovely pressed flowers, or mementos of travels or hobbies. Choose colors and art themes that will enhance your decorating scheme. Botanical prints look great in a garden style or English country home. Or a cross-stitch sampler framed in a cottage style home.

Accessorize Your Bathroom

Put the Trash Out of Sight

Our first recommendation is to put the trash in a basket hidden in a cupboard out of sight. If that’s not possible, be sure to place an attractive basket or metal can where it is convenient to use. Don’t choose a clear plastic one! Who wants to look at used tissue or soap wrappers?

Remember that these projects for lighting, accessorizing, and adding color to your bathroom should be fun and practical. You’ll enjoy the fruits of your labor every time you walk past or into your fresh, new bathroom. And you won’t have had to spend a lot of time or money to accomplish the transformation. Have fun!